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Google is the global internet leader. Its business products make employees more productive day to day via the combined result of innovation, ease of use, security and support that your enterprise needs.
Aeegle is a Google partner, authorized reseller, and is certified to implement the Google enterprise platform in businesses of all types.

We offer the following services:
      1. Customized development solutions to broaden and expand G Suite
      2. G Suite extended functions through Google
      3. Continuous Support and Administration
      4. G Suite Setup and consulting
      5. G Suite Support
      6. G Suite Administration
      7. G Suite Training
      8. Email migration to G Suite
      9. G Suite Engine Development
      10. Google Gadgets Development
      11. G Suite Scripts Development
      12. Google Sites Development

CRM & Project Management

Solve360 is a modern CRM that integrates features to manage client projects. It's ideal for small teams in service based companies that need a flexible solution. 

Solve360 CRM and G Suite Integration
      • Direct access from the Gmail menu (no separate login)
      • Inside Gmail the contextual gadget manages everything your team knows about the person behind the message
      • Link or Archive specific Gmail messages to the CRM for team sharing http://goo.gl/SHMxs
      • Two-way contact, event and task synchronization
      • Free Google Docs scripts for merging documents, creating ad hoc spreadsheet reports, and contact forms

Our Solve360 CRM Consulting includes the following Services:
      • Solve360 Setup and configuration
      • Development of custom reports using Solve360 API and Google Spreadsheet integration
      • Create custom fields as needed for each object.
      • Data migration to Solve360
      • Solve360 and G Suite Integration
          • Universal navigation or single sign in
          • Contextual Gadget
          • Google Calendar integration
          • Google Contacts integration
      • Training, Support and Remote Administration

We have ample experience developing with Solve360 API to Customize, Extend and Integrate Solve360 with your existing applications. 

Zoho CRM is one of the few worldwide leaders of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It provides business class CRM software at less than one third of the cost of that of its main competitors.
Zoho CRM allows organizations to have one complete software package that will manage Marketing, Customer Support, Inventory, and the entire Sales Cycle all while seamlessly integrated to G Suite. A truly unique package that will give you a never before seen 360° view of your business.
Aeegle Zoho Partner Alliance can help you implement, improve and make your CRM more efficient and agile.

We offer the following services:
      1. CRM Setup and Consulting
      2. CRM Customization and custom development
      3. Data migration to Zoho CRM
      4. Zoho and G Suite Integration
      5. Zoho CRM Workflow Automation
      6. Zoho CRM Design/Industry Customization
      7. API Integration, Add-ons configuration
      8. Support and remote Administration
      9. Remote and classroom training