Google Sites Development

Aeegle designs the best Google Sites on the web..

We are pioneers and experts in consulting design and development of professional websites on Google Sites. Up to date, we have created hundreds of Google sites, from microsites, landing pages, Corporate sites, web 2.0 websites,
Project management sites, to large intranet sites for businesses with thousands of users..

Websites or portal sites developed on Google Sites.

Google Sites allows you to develop easy to maintain and highly available Corporate sites with the following features:
        • No charges at all! (no hosting fees)
        • Global, modern and professional design
        • Easy to maintain even without technical know how
        • Highly scalable and available (your site is hosted in Google infrastructure)
        • Easy to expand and integrate with external applications by way of the development of modules known as Google Gadgets
We implement and maintain G Suite for businesses and organizations of every size and shape, from small and medium all the way to large companies with thousands of employees, who want to move to G Suite. We also work with higher learning institutions, non-profits, and government agencies. Google Sites Business Categories:
      1. Intranets
      2. Corporate portal sites
      3. Collaborative portal sites
      4. Microsites

Google Gadgets for Google Sites

Our wide experience in G Suite development allows us to expand the portal sites we created on Google Sites, through custom developments using Google Gadgets, Google Apps Script and Google App Engine.

We specializes developing themes and templates for Google Sites