G Suite Enterprise Support

In Aeegle, we offer G Suite Technical Support for our users, with a high-tech level staff with wide experience of over 4 years supporting users worldwide and trained directly by Google, saving you efforts and time in order for you to invest them on your own productivity.

Our main goal is to enhance our customer experience and help them get the most from the G Suite suite. In order to get it, we offer:

Phone Support

      • Call phones for any issue
      • Service in English and Spanish
      • 8/5 support for cases

Support web portal & web form:

      • 24/7 support for cases filed in
      • Service in English and Spanish

We provide support in all areas, such a:s::

      • Multi Domains administration
      • Users creation, administration and organization (OU)
      • Email routing, content compliance, spam management, auditing, aliases, etc
      • Groups administration (distribution lists, collaborative inbox, etc)
      • Google calendar:
          • Creating and organizing calendars
          • Sharing calendars
          • Creating and using resources
      • Google Drive:
          • Creation and use of docs, spreadsheets, slides, forms, etc
      • Share and work on the same doc in real-time.
      • Usage of Google Drive local client
      • Gmail support:
          • Delivery issues
          • Delay issues
          • Synchronization with local clients and mobile
          • Spam issues
      • Google Contacts
      • Google Sites
      • Billing basics
      • Mobile Management: accessibility, security, auditing, etc
      • Reports and audit processes
      • Google Vault:
          • Litigation holds
          • Retention rules
          • Auditing and archiving emails and chats
      • Google Hangouts

But support is not all, we also offer Advice and consultancy

      • G Suite Usage Guidance
      • Change management assistance
      • Custom development
Trust the experts, highly trained personnel is ready to take care of any technical issue in your company and have it resolved in a timely manner so we can assure you that your productivity never stops
      • Data migration
      • DNS management
      • G Suite admin console administration
      • Security concerns
      • Custom URLs for services (email, calendar, drive), logo and branding colors