Google App Engine Development Training

This instructor-led course is designed for developers who want to acquire development skills to develop applications on Google Cloud Platform fully integrated with G Suite. In the first half of the class the instructor will be teaching basic, intermediate and advanced concepts and presenting examples, second half of the class via hands-on labs, students will be developing practical exercises supported by the instructor. This course will be specifically focused on the following items:

Google Cloud Platform Overview Setup the environment needed to develop for G Suite Workflow automation with G Suite G Suite Development Google App Engine Development

Developers will learn via classes and hands-on labs the basic and advanced concepts to develop applications hosted on Google Cloud which will extend G Suite functionality, supporting the day-to-day operations within the company.


The prerequisites for this intermediate-level course include:
      • Google Cloud Platform Overview
      • Setup the environment needed to develop for G Suite
      • Workflow automation with G Suite
      • G Suite Development
      • Google App Engine Development

Skills taught

You should be able to do this on Google Cloud Platform to:
      • Create a Google App Engine Project
      • Deploy a project on Google App Engine
      • Set Up the environment needed to start developing on Google App Engine
      • Identify when you should use Google Apps Script or Google App Engine to implement a Business process
      • Identify different ways to extend G Suite
      • Implement workflows using Google Apps Script
      • Create and publish Google Gadgets
      • Create and publish Google Sites with Custom features on Google Apps Script or GAE
      • Create applications to capture data on Google App Engine
      • Create applications which are integrated to G Suite Security (SSO)
      • Create applications Integrated with G Suite APIs(Drive, Calendars, Groups, etc )

Course outline

      • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
        1. Cloud Computing Introduction
        2. Google’s Cloud Overview
        3. Google Cloud Platform Console
      • G Suite Development Introduction
        1. Ways to extend G Suite
        2. Google Apps Scripts
        3. Gadgets, Google Sites
        4. Google Data APIs
      • Google Apps Script Development Overview
      • Google Apps Script Introduction
        1. Type of Google Apps Scripts
        2. Google Apps Script Editor
        3. Your First Script
        4. Development Environment
      • Events & Triggers
      • Extending G Suite Functions
        1. Google Spreadsheet Service
          1. Read data from spreadsheet
          2. Write data to spreadsheet
      • Storing and Serving Data
        1. Script and User Properties
        2. ScriptDB
        3. External Database via JDBC
        4. Content Service / Serving Data JSON
      • Menus And Users Interface
        1. Customs menus in G Suite
        2. Dialogs and Sidebars
        3. Html Service
      • G Suite Services ( Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Mail, Etc)
      • Advanced Google Services
        1. Admin SDK
        2. Youtube
        3. URL Shortener
        4. Task
      • Google Gadgets Development
        1. Getting Started
        2. Writing your own Gadgets
        3. Development Fundamentals
        4. Developer Tools
        5. Creating a User Interface
        6. Working with remote conten
      • Your first Google Gadget
        1. Create contact form in html
        2. Add validation with JQuery Validate
        3. Create Service to save form information into Google Spreadsheet
        4. Embed template into a Google Gadget
        5. Insert Gadget into Google Sites

      • Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming
      • Setup JVM environment (JRE and Java SDK)
      • Installing Eclipse JavaEE IDE
      • Java Classes, Methods, Attributes
      • Java Packages
      • Introduction Google App Engine development
      • Configuring the GAE Development environment
      • Exploring GAE Console
      • Understanding Data Store
      • Deploy the “Hello World” app in Google App Engine
      • GAE Project Structure (appengine-web.xml)
      • Upload the Application
      • GAE Services (MailService, Memcache service, Scheduled tasks, etc)
      • Play Framework Overview
      • Introduction to Play Framework
      • Routes
      • Controllers
      • Models
      • Views
      • HTTP Form Data Validation
      • Internationalization
      • Testing the Application
      • Modules
      • Production Deployment
      • Our First Application
      • Starting up the project
      • Google App Engine Configuration
        1. Install GAE Module
        2. Add GAE Module and Libs on the project
        3. Create Google App Engine Application
        4. Deploy application to Google App Engine

      • Introduction to G Suite APIs
      • Authorization Workflow Google APIs
        1. Client Login
        2. 2-Legged Oauth
        3. 3-Legged Oauth
        4. OpenId
      • Calendar API
      • Drive API
      • Contacts API
      • Admin SDK API
      • Groups Settings API
      • Admin Settings API