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Zumpul, G Suite signatures

With Zumpul email signatures for G Suite, as G Suite Administrator or as Marketing staff you will be able to take control, manage and standardize email signatures in a centralized manner for the entire domain, finally having full control about what employees write in their email signatures.

Also Zumpul is the perfect tool to implement an ads display network for your company, email is and will continue being the #1 communication tool between Enterprises and clients, exploit that potential through digital marketing in your signatures.

Main Features    

    • Marketing in the signatures
    • Corporate Image and branding
    • Centralized administration
    • Unified signatures
    • Google Profile editor    
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Data lost prevention app

Our Email Retention App allows G Suite admins to comply with corporate policies across the organization by automating the identification, inventorying and management of email information. 

It will support the email organization’s retention policy by automatically delete and remove unwanted content.

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Main Features

      • Retention Policy enforcement
      • Content Governance and compliance
      • Save on email storage