• Applications Development

Aeegle Framework

AeFramework is a full-stack framework for building business applications on Google Cloud Platform, provides a framework for fast applications development, components, libraries, modules and design patters bring the best of Aeegle to every project we work on.

Main features

      • G Suite Integration (SSO, Drive, Groups, Etc)
      • Security Management: Menus, Users, Roles, Access
      • Mobile Support (Responsive Design)
      • Enhanced Grid, Multi-language
      • Workflow designer
      • Powerful Search Engine: Global and contextual search, Full Text Search
      • Running on top of Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL
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Aeegle Cloud Directory

Aeegle Cloud Directory help you to centralize and feed all your applications and any external systems from a single source of truth. You can have all your HR and Corporate data in one place in the Cloud, data such as:

      • Employees
      • Contractors
      • Locations
      • Departments
      • Job titles, cities, etc

    Sync your people data from Multi-sources:

      • G Suite Directory
      • Legacy core systems via Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
      • HR Systems and Contractors DBs
      • Web services for Delta updates
      • Tools for Data Loads
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