The Platform

Aeegle Cloud Platform

Aeegle is a technology that empowers any person to create Business applications in the Cloud without being a software developer, in hours, not days or months. Boosting the Digital Transformation in a 500%.

Our Technology
Based on a Metadata-driven development model, that lets users visually create business applications, that automatically are enhanced with a simple & consistent UI and navigation pattern, mobile support, workflows, role-based access, a web service layer, API, and dozens of connectors to talk to

Solutions: How ACP can help companies? use cases

Custom database

Workflow & approval process

Document Management System

Cloud Storage

Master Directory in the Cloud

Middleware 3re Party Integrations

Comparison Aeegle Platform vs App Maker vs App Engine

Platform Type

Aplication Type

Target Developer

Development Time

Computation Cost


Aeegle Platform

Zero-code platform for  applications with high compute, high storage, high scalability needs

Internal corporate applications

Citizen developers, Business Analyst, PM, Office managers with no coding experience, basic DB concepts

Hours or Days


SaaS, PaaS, On Premise

App Maker

Low-code RAD platform for applications with low to moderate scaling needs

Internal corporate applications

Citizen developers with working knowledge of JavaScript/Apps Script, HTML, CSS, basic DB concepts

Days or weeks



App Engine

Professional development platform for applications with high compute, high storage, high scalability needs.

Internal or external applications

Professional software 





ACP Current modules

Applications builder
• Create Apps
• Configure apps
• Mobile support
                Form designer
• Drap-n-Drop design
• Comprehensive pallete
• Workflow designer
• Approval flow
• Notifications
Security and administrations
        • Users, groups, roles
        • Forms, Fields
        • Record level permission
Master directorybuilder
        • Employee, contractor
        • Partnert, locations
          departament, job
        • Rich profiles
        • Smart Searches
Automated actions
        • Trigger, webhooks
        • Schedule actions
Thierd party intergrations
        • G Suite, Drive
        • Api
        • Okta
Data management
        • Import/Export app data
        • Data integrations