INSIDEY The Enterprise Social Network

Insidey is the Enterprise Social Network for Google Apps, its own social features, enterprise collaboration tools and change management approach bring you the communication and collaboration platform that your employees asked for, which drives innovation and productivity. 

Enterprise Social Networks transform the way work is done, empowering teamworks across the organization to be more productive by providing easy access to experts and information for faster problem solving and decision making.

"Organizations that use an Enterprise Social Network harness the power of social interactions" 

Take a look at what Insidey's features can do:
  • Share and look for information and resources.
  • Social Intranet for Social Business. 
  • Powerful People Directory.
  • Team collaboration (Groups).
  • Collaboration and File sharing.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Google Apps Integration.
  • Custom Social Network and Social Intranet.
  • Multi-Domain support.
  • Enable your employees to access information from anywhere, anytime.

  • Multi Language. 
  • Business Applications Integration.
  • Secure.
  • Network Analytics.
  • Live Chat Support. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager. 
  • etc...

AE FRAMEWORK Data Migration Cloud

Never Starting from Scratch.

Our Productivity Framework with Component Suite and Libraries bring the best of Aeegle to every project we work on.

  • Google Apps Integration (SSO, Drive, Groups, Etc).
  • Security Management: Menus, Users, Roles, Rights.
  • Mobile Support (Responsive Design).
  • Enhanced Grid, Multi-language.
  • Workflow Engine.
  • Powerful Search Engine: Global and contextual search, Full Text Search.
  • Running on Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.
  • And more.


Aeegle Migrator for Lotus Notes DB is a command line script easy to use that take any Lotus notes DB export to move it Google (Google Cloud SQL and Drive properly) the script reads the CVS file record by record and upload files/folders to Google Drive and meta data to Google Cloud SQL. The records on the Google Cloud SQL Tables and Google Drive files are linked by the file’s URL. AE-Migrator for LN DB Also supports Google Cloud Storage as file repository.

Migration Process:
  • Read the CSV.
  • Take record by record from the CSV.
  • List files/folders to upload.
  • Upload files/folders to Google Drive and get the file’s URL.
  • Create a record on Cloud SQL for the Mata-data and adding the file’s URL on the record.

ALONDRA Bug Tracking System

Alondra Bug Tracking System (BTS) is a Aeegle software application that keeps track of reported software bugs in software development projects. It may be regarded as a type of issue tracking system.  


  • IMAP to Google Apps Migrator.
  • OAUTH 2.0 APPLICATIONS, Single Sign On & OpenID for Google Apps.
  • Google Gadgets.
  • Google Apps Scripts Gadgets.
  • News Rotator Gadget.
  • Google Gadgets suite for Intranets.
  • Knowledge Base Gadget.
  • myMicro Site.