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Google Apps Deployment

Aeegle possesses ample experience in a wide gamut of Google Apps products. This experience allows us to provide integral consulting services to any enterprise that wishes to move their business into Google Clouding. We guarantee excellent results in all of the following areas:

  • Google Apps Project Planning and Management (Pilot, Dual Delivery, Change Management)
  • Google Apps Installation and Configuration (for .com, .edu, .org, .gov)
  • Google Apps Licensing (Aeegle is a Google Apps authorized reseller)
  • Google Apps Email, Contact, and Calendar Migration (migration can be performed client side or server side, in-site or remote)
  • Google Apps Training (in-site or remote)
  • Google Apps Administrator Training
  • Google Apps Technical Support
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Google Apps Development

Would you like to expand Google Apps? At Aeegle we are experts in the development of applications to expand Google Apps, with technologies such as:

  • Google Apps Script 
  • Google Gadgets 
  • Google App Engine. 
  • Single Sign On, OAuth 2.0, OpenID

Google Apps is more than a software suite of productivity tools for business. It is a platform for continued innovation. Gmail and Google Apps are stepping stones towards Cloud Computing. We provide the application development service on Google Apps and its integration with other systems.

Aeegle is continually developing solutions to expand Google Apps, using the different API's that Google offers to that end. We have specialized and developed a large quantity of projects using technologies such as: 

  • Google Apps Script
  • Google Gadgets
  • Google App Engine
  • Single Sign On, OAuth 2.0, OpenID

 Cloud Development

Execute your web applications in the Google infrastructure. It is easy to create, maintain and expand.
What is the Google App Engine?

Google App Engine allows you to execute your web applications in the Google infrastructure. App Engines are easy to create, maintain and expand whenever traffic and data storage needs increase. With Google App Engine you'll avoid the need to use a server. You just upload the app to allow users to begin to utilize it.

Our Expertise

With our ample experience developing applications in the Google App Engine, we look to provide robust and effective applications (SaaS) to fit your business needs, with the added advantage of...

Google Sites Development

Aeegle is a pioneer in the consulting, design and development of professional portals on Google Sites. To date we have created hundreds of Google sites, from microsites, landing pages, Corporate sites, web 2.0 websites, Project management sites, and large intranet sites for businesses with thousands of users.

Our definition of service is based on ample experience in the construction of portals for local and global firms, and is aligned with the new market standards and trends elaborated by great IT industry analysts.
Google Sites Business Portals

  • Intranets
  • Corporate portals
  • Collaborative portals
  • Microsites

Cloud Solutions

Aeegle is born, lives and grows in the cloud. This has allowed us to implement solutions for cloud computing and to forge alliances with the main providers of cloud computing in the market. This is why Aeegle has partnerships with businesses such as: Google, Zoho, and Solve 360. As a result of those alliances we offer the following services:

  • Zoho CRM Implementation
  • Solve360 CRM Implementation
  • Google Apps & Zoho CRM Integration
  • Google Apps & Solve360 CRM
  • Google Apps & Salesforce.com Integration
  • Google App Engine CMS (Vosao CMS)