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Fundamentals of Google Sites and groups

Course Information 

Title: Google Sites and Groups

Aeegle Capacitación Google CalendarAeegle Capacitación Google Gmail

Class Information 


This course is designed for users that want to acquire abilities using Google Sites and Google Groups as part of the G Suite suite. The class covers basics and intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these subjects: 

Google Sites
Google Groups

Students will learn through classes and practice labs the basic and intermediate concepts to handle Google Sites and Google Groups, which will help them in their daily tasks within the company.

You will be able to do the listed tasks below with G Suite:
  • Google Sites creation.
  • Edit and delete pages.
  • Create edit and delete page templates.
  • Add text and images to pages.
  • Create Google Groups
  • Edit and manage roles for group members


The previous requisites for this course include: 
  • A G Suite account 
  • High availability and motivation to learn to use the tools provided by G Suite 
  • Basic knowledge of other internet based email tools (not necessary) 

Course outline 


  • Google Sites use
    • Create a site
    • Customize site
    • Add en edit page in your website
    • Add attachments, comments and files
    • Add text and images
  • Google Groups Use.
    • Types of groups
    • Set basic permissions
    • Create groups
      • Email lists
      • Q & A forums
      • Web Forum
    • Group's description
    • Collaborate with groups and send them emails and invites.
    • Join a group


  • Google Sites Use
    • Insert files, calendars and some other gadgets
    • Create a page template
    • Add templates to the gallery
    • Update templates
    • Move templates and change name
    • Delete templates
  • Google Groups Use.
    • Manage subjects in Groups
    • Post to groups
    • Organize groups, subjects and posts
    • Search and filter


  • Google Sites use
    • Manage site access
    • Search options and special management actions
    • Subscriptions and notifications
    • Delete a site
  • Google Groups Use
    • Permissions
    • Groups of default members
    • Permissions edit


This course has been designed for new G Suite users or users that want to expand their knowledge using Google Sites and Google Groups.

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