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Fundamentals of Google Docs and Drive

Course Information

Aeegle Capacitación Google Gmail
Aeegle Capacitación Google Calendar
Aeegle Capacitación Google Gmail
Aeegle Capacitación Google Calendar

Title: Fundamentals of Google Docs and Drive

Class Information

This course has been designed for users that want to improve their skills using Google Docs and Google Drive in their G Suite accounts. The course covers basic and intermediate concepts with practical exercises by the students always assisted by the instructor. This course is specifically focused on the following subjects:

Google Docs
Google Drive

Students will learn basic and intermediate concepts to use Google Docs and Google Drive through classes and practical labs, which will improve their daily tasks within the company.

Skills to teach
You will be able to the following with Google Docs and Google Drive
  • Know and use Google Drive to store files on the cloud.
  • Create documents on the cloud, such as: Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentations, Google Forms and Google Drawing.
  • Share files in Google Drive according to level access to the file.
  • Edit and comment shared files in Google Drive.
  • Crear, compartir y administrar carpetas en Google Drive
  • Create Google Groups by needs and type of groups.
  • Install and use Google Drive in PC and in Chrome.


The prerequisites for this course are:
  • A G Suite account.
  • High level of willingness and motivation to learn to use the tools provided by G Suite.
  • Basic knowledge of Internet (Not necessary) .

Course outline


  • Using Google Drive
    • Introduction to Google Drive
    • Create a document
      • Page setup and print
      • Publish a document
    • Create a spreadsheet
      • Publish and insert spreadsheet
      • Setup and print spreadsheets
    • Create a Presentation
      • Show a presentation, print it and get a preview
      • Publish and insert presentation
    • Drawing
      • Create, edit and format
      • Tools
      • Add elements to a drawing
    • Forms
      • Create a Google form
      • Add and edit questions, headers, images, videos and page breaks
      • Add a theme to a form
      • Send a form to the respondents
      • Chose responses destination
      • View and manage form responses
  • Share and collaborate in a Document
    • General descriptions of Sharing options
    • Chat and real time collaboration
  • Coments and mentions in documents

  • Google Drive use
    • Forms
      • Edit form responses after sending
      • Delete a form or responses
    • Documents search
    • Feautured
    • Recents
    • Shared with me
    • Trash
    • Send email to shared documents collaborators
    • Create, Rename and Move Folder
    • Using shared folders
    • Third Party Apps in Google Drive
    • Install Google Drive in PC
    • Setup offline access
      • Sync files for offline access
      • View Google Dosc, Spreadsheets and Presentations offline
  • Google Drive usage
    • Forms
      • Pre-populate forms via URL parameters
      • Form options
      • Validate form responses
    • Activity follow-ups for documents and folders in My Drive
    • Syn files shared with you
    • Trasfer documents ownership
    • Revoke collaborator access
    • Unistall Google Drive from PC
    • Use Google Drive extension for Google Chrome
    • Disconect Drive from PC


This course has been designed for new G Suite users or users that want to expand their knowledge using Google Mail and Google Calendar.

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