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Fundamentals of G Suite Mail and Calendar

Course Information 

Aeegle Capacitación Google Gmail
Aeegle Capacitación Google Calendar
Title: Fundamentals of G Suite Mail and Calendar 

Class Information 

This course is designed for users that want to acquire abilities using Gmail and Calendar as part of the G Suite suite. The class covers basics and intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these subjects: 

Google Mail (Gmail) 
Google Calendar 

Students will learn through classes and practice labs the basic and intermediate concepts to handle Google Mail and Google Calendar, which will help them in their daily tasks within the company. 

Skills to teach 
You will be able to do the listed tasks below with Google Mail and Calendar: 
  • Create, reply and forward emails from the G Suite platform. 
  • Manage and organize your emails inbox 
  • Advanced settings for your G Suite account 
  • Advanced search and keyboard shortcuts in your email account 
  • Instant Messaging application (Google Hangouts) use, with is chat and video-conference features. 
  • Add, search and update contacts in your email and the Directory. 
  • Create, share and sync calendars with Google Calendar 


The previous requisites for this course include: 
  • A G Suite account 
  • High availability and motivation to learn to use the tools provided by G Suite 
  • Basic knowledge of other internet based email tools (not necessary) 

Course outline 

  • Gmail use 
    • Show Gmail use 
      • Creating an email 
      • Adding recipients (CC, BCC) 
      • Attaching documents from PC 
      • Attaching files from Drive 
      • Show email options 
        • Reply 
        • Forward 
        • Mark as unread 
      • Labels creation 
    • Chat use 
      • Invite a user to a chat 
      • Add picture to the G Suite profile 
      • Show call 
      • Making a Hangout 
  • Contacts use 
    • Create contact 
    • Adding details to contacts 
    • Company Directory 
  • Calendar use 
    • Creating a calendar 
      • Creating an event 
      • Invite users 
      • Setup events reminders 
    • Hide calendar from list 
    • Show hidden calendar in list 

  • Gmail use 
    • Gmail configurations 
      • General Settings 
        • Inbox settings and styles 
        • Desktop notifications 
        • Signatures 
        • Gmail themes 
        • How to chose Gmail picture 
        • How to configure auto vacation-responder 
        • Gmail bar buttons 
        • How to change language interface 
    • Labels management 
    • Filters creation and administration 
    • Enable/Disable Chat 
    • Gmail Offline 
  • Calendar use 
    • Insert in website 
    • Share calendars with specific users 
    • Import, export or sync calendars 
  • Gmail use 
    • General Settings 
      • How to change interface language 
      • Labs 
      • How to use IMAP and POP clients 
    • Advanced Search 
    • Navigate ‘Spam’ and ‘Trash’ 
    • Installing Offline Gmail for Google Chrome 
    • How to save data offline 
  • Contacts use 
    • Exporting contacts 
    • Importing contacts 
  • Calendar use 
    • Accessing Google Calendar offline 
    • Mobile synchronization 
    • Synchronization with Apple iCal or Mozilla Thunderbird 


This course has been designed for new G Suite users or users that want to expand their knowledge using Google Mail and Google Calendar

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