Aeegle Training Google Apps Developers

Developing workflows with Google Apps Scripts

Course Information

Title : Development of Workflows with Google Apps Script  

Class Information


This course is designed for programmers who want to acquire skills in developing Workflows with Google Apps Script. The class covers basic and intermediate concepts and there will be classes and practices always supported by the instructor. This course specifically focuses on the following topics:

Google Apps Script
Google Services and External APIs
Development Environment
Events and Triggers
Extending Google Apps
Storing and Serving Data
Menus and User Interfaces

Programmers will learn through lectures and hands-on labs basic and intermediate concepts for the development of Google App Scripts, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company.

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with Google Apps Script:

  • Create Google Apps Script by type 
  • Using the services of Google Apps Script 
  • Create web forms with elements of Google Apps Script 
  • Know and use the functionality of ScriptDB


The prerequisites for this course include:
  • Basic Programming in Javascript 
  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Development with Google Apps

    1. Ways to extend Google Apps

    2. Google Apps Scripts

    3. Gadgets, Google Sites

    4. Google Data APIs

  • Google Apps Script Introduction

    1. Google Apps Scripts Types

    2. Google Apps Script Editor

    3. First Google Apps Script

    4. Development Environment

  • Google External Services and APIs

    1. Build with Google Services

    2. Google Advanced Services

    3. Authorization

    4. Quotas

  • Eventos & Triggers

    1. Event Description

    2. Description of Triggers

    3. Management Scheduled Triggers

    4. Triggers managed by time

  • Expand Google Apps features

    1. Google Spreadsheet Service

      1. Read data from spreadsheet

      2. Writing data to spreadsheet

  • Store and serve data

    1. Script properties and user

    2. ScriptDB

    3. External Database via JDBC

    4. Content service / Serving JSON data

  • Menus and User Interface

    1. Custom Menus in Google Apps

    2. Dialogs and Sidebars

    3. Html Service

  • Google Apps Services ( Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Mail, Etc)

  • Google Advanced Services

    1. Admin SDK

    2. Youtube

    3. URL Shortener

    4. Task


The target audience for this course are programmers for Google Apps with little knowledge in managing Google Apps Script.