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Developing websites using Google Sites

Course Information

Title : Development of Websites using Google Sites 

Aeegle Capacitación Google Sites

Class Information


This course is designed for programmers who want to acquire skills in developing websites using Google Sites. The class covers basic and intermediate concepts and students will exercise with the intructor assistance. This course focuses specifically on the following items:

Google Sites

Corporate Portals

Intranet with Google Sites

Programmers will learn through lectures and hands-on labs basic, intermediate and advanced concepts for the development of G Suite Script, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company.

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with Google Google Sites

  • Create a Google Sites
  • Select and modify Template by Google Sites
  • Modify Design Google Sites
  • Create page templates for Google Sites
  • Insert standard components in pages
  • Configure site management
  • Enable page-level permissions


The prerequisites for this course includes:

  • Basic Programming Javascript

  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS

Course Outline

  • Google Site

    1. Create Google Site

    2. Site Selection Template

    3. Modify site design

      1. Head

      2. Horizontal Navigation

      3. Sidebar

      4. Custom footer

      5. Site Width

    4. New page and change page layout

      1. Insert Images

      2. Insert index component

      3. Insert submenus component

      4. Insert Standard Gadget

      5. Insert component of G Suite

        1. Apps Script

        2. Graphic

        3. Calendar

        4. Drive

        5. Google+

        6. Groups

        7. Map

        8. Youtube

    5. Managing page templates

      1. Create page templates

      2. Add templates to the gallery

      3. Update Templates

      4. Move templates or edit your name

      5. Delete templates

    6. Manage Site

      1. General Settings

      2. Share and permissions

      3. Configure themes, colors and fonts

  • Developing Google Gadgets

    1. Development Basics Gadgets

    2. Create a Gadget

    3. Developer Tools

    4. Create a user interface

    5. Working with remote content

  • First Google Gadget

    1. Create a contact form in html

    2. Add validation with JQuery Validate

    3. Create service to keep information form in a Google Spreadsheet

    4. Embed template in a Google Gadget

    5. Insert Gadget by Google Sites


The target audience for this course are programmers for G Suite interested in building Intranets and corporate Intranet sites with Google Sites.

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