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Developing business applications with G Suite Engine

Course Information

Title : Developing enterprise applications with Google App Engine  

Class Information


This course is designed for programmers who want to acquire skills in Development of Business Applications with Google App Engine. The class covers basic and intermediate concepts and students will exercise with the intructor assistance. This course focuses specifically on the following items:

Google App Engine
Play Framework
Creating Business Application in Google App Engine
G Suite APIs in App Engine

Programmers will learn through lectures and hands-on labs basic and intermediate concepts for the development of applications in Google App Engine with G Suite Integration APIs, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company.

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with Google App Engine:

  • Install Google App Engine SDK 
  • Install Play Framework 
  • Create an Application with Play Framework 
  • Create a Google App Engine project 
  • Deploy a project in Google App Engine 
  • Set the necessary environment to start developing on Google App Engine 
  • Create applications to capture data on Google App Engine 
  • Create applications that integrate with G Suite Security (SSO) 
  • Create integrated applications with G Suite APIs (Drive, calendars, groups, etc.)


The prerequisites for this course include:
  • JVM environments 
  • Basic Programming in Java 
  • Basic Programming in Java Script 
  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS 
  • Database Design

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming

  • Configure JVM Environment (JRE and Java SDK)

  • Install Eclipse JavaEE IDE

  • Java Classes, Methods, Attributes

  • Java packages

  • Introduction to Developing with Google App Engine (GAE)

  • Configuring The Development Enviroment GAE

  • Browsing Console GAE

  • Introduction to Data Store

  • Developing "Hello World" in Google App Engine

  • Project Structure in GAE (appengine-web.xml)

  • Upload Application

  • EAG Services (MailService, Memcache service, Scheduled tasks, etc.)

  • Overview of Play Framework

  • Introduction to Play Framework

    1. Routes

    2. Drivers

    3. Models


    5. Form Data Validation HTTP

    6. Internationalization

    7. Testing the Application

    8. Modules

  • Production Implementation

  • First Application

  • Starting the project

  • Setting up Google App Engine

    1. Install GAE module

    2. Add GAE modules and Libraries to the project

    3. Create Application in Google App Engine

    4. Deploy application to Google App Engine

  • Introduction to G Suite APIs

  • Authorization flow in Google APIs

    1. Client Login

    2. 2-Legged Oauth

    3. 3-Legged Oauth

    4. OpenId

  • Calendar API

  • Drive API

  • Contacts API

  • Admin SDK API

  • Groups Settings API

  • Admin Settings API


The target audience for this course are programmers with expertise in application development to develop JavaEE applications in G Suite Engine.

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