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Building infraestructure using Google Compute Engine


Course Information

Title : Building infrastructure using Google Compute Engine  


Class Information


This course is designed for server administrators, developers and manager who wish to acquire skills in creating infrastructure in the cloud through Google Compute Engine (IaaS). The class covers basic and intermediate concepts and students will exercise with the instructor assistance. This course focuses specifically on the following items:

Infrastructure as a Service 
Google Cloud Platform
Google Compute Engine

Programmers will learn through lectures and hands-on labs basic and intermediate concepts for creating infrastructure with Google Compute Engine, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company.

Skills taught

You will be able to:
  • Using several tools for managing virtual machines 
  • Create virtual machines with various configurations 
  • Maintenance and storage of persistent data storage block 
  • Managing network access to virtual machines

The prerequisites for this course include: 
  • Basic knowledge of network management 
  • Basic knowledge of Linux server management

Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

    1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

    2. Introduction to Google’s Cloud

    3. Google Cloud Platform Console

  2. Basic Concepts Google Compute Engine
    1. What is Google Compute Engine?

    2. Features.

    3. Project in the Google Developers' console

    4. Projects

    5. Instances

    6. Networks

    7. Firewalls

    8. Discs

  1. Getting Started: Creating an instance and install Apache server

    1. Setup Google Compute Engine

    2. Start a virtual machine for the first time.

    3. Install the Apache Web Server to serve websites

    4. Configuring a firewall to allow traffic to and from the Internet.

  2. Managing resources.

    1. Instances

    2. Discs

    3. Networks

    4. Firewalls

    5. List of Available Resources

      1. Available areas

      2. Available images

      3. Types of available machines


System Administrator
Server managers
Infrastructure managers

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