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G Suite Security Enforcement

Course Information

Title : Reinforce the G Suite Security

Class Information


This course is designed for G Suite administrators who wish to reinforce security for their domain with G Suite. The class covers concepts and practices through exercises that will be supported by the instructor. This course focuses specifically on the following items:

G Suite Admin Console

Strengthen Security G Suite

The Administrators will learn through lectures and hands-on labs to reinforce the concepts of G Suite Security, which will support them in the day to day operations in the company.

Skills taught

You will be able to:

  • Analyze current security situation on your domain

  • Take the necessary measures to strengthen the security of your domain

  • Determine if there is some spoofing situation in your domain and fix it

  • Understand and apply digital signature to emails from your domain, avoiding any malicious attack to steal information (man-in-the-middle attack)


The prerequisites for this course include:

  • Intermediate knowledge in managing the G Suite Admin Console.

  • Basic knowledge on SSL, blacklist and whitelist.

  • Public DNS records management

  • IP ranges management

Course Outline

  • High priority

    • Set SPF record for the domain

    • Authentication emails through DKIM digital signing

    • Analyze headers of suspicious e-mail

    • Ensure that the NS records point to a single DNS provider

    • Delete sign-in cookies of one account when unusual activity is perceived.

    • Change user password

    • Revoke access for any third-party applications within the domain account.

    • Check if the domain is blacklisted anywhere

    • Restrict access to G Suite based on IPs and time.

  • Medium priority

    • Enable SSL for the domain

    • Using two-step authentication for the domain

    • Generate specific passwords for certain applications when you are using two-step authentication.

    • Establish management policies and structure of passwords

  • Low priority

    • Configure blacklists for the domain

    • Configure whitelists for the domain


The target audience for this course are G Suite Administrator with the need to strengthen security in the G Suite domain.

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