Google Apps Administrators Training Aeegle

Administering Google Apps - Intermediate Level

Course Information

Title : Google Apps Administration - Intermediate level 

Aeegle Capacitación Administrador Google Apps

Class Information


This course is designed for Google Apps administrator that want to acquire abilities managing the Google Apps. The class covers intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these subjects:

Managing Users and Organizational Units.
Domain Configurations.
Google Apps Services and Applications
Gmail Security
Google Docs accesses

The Administrators will learn through practical classes and laboratories, intermediate concepts on the Google Apps admin console, which will support them in the day to day operations of your business. 

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with the Google Apps Admin Console

  • Grant administrator permissions to users on your domain

  • Create customized administrator roles

  • Perform user provisioning using a form, CSV and via API.

  • Apply specific policies by organizational units.

  • Apply security policies to users and applications.


The prerequisites for this course include:

  • A Google Apps account

  • Basic knowledge on using the Google Apps Admin Console

Course Outline


  • User and Organizational Units Management

    • Users

      • Granting administrator privileges

      • Create custom administrator roles

      • User Provisioning

        • Via Form

        • Via CSV

        • Via API

    • Organizational Units

      • Implement policies

        • Enable or disable user services

        • Configuring Applications for different users

  • Domain Settings

    • Enable SSL

    • User provisioning API

    • SSO (Single Sign On)

  • Google Apps Services and Applications

    • Services

      • Service Activation

    • Google MarketPlace

  • Gmail Security

    • Enable GMail Offline

    • Content Compliance

    • Objectionable Content

    • Filters, Black & White Lists

    • Configuring Microsoft Outlook

  • Configuring Google Docs

    • Sharing options

    • Visibility Levels

    • Google Drive

  • Reports

    • Graphic and Odds

    • Additional Reports


The target audience for this course are new Google Apps administrator or
who wish to broaden their knowledgein handling the Google Apps Admin Console.