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 Administering G Suite - Basic Level

Course Information

Title : G Suite Administration - Basic level 

Aeegle Capacitación Administrador G Suite

Class Information


This course is designed for G Suite administrator that want to acquire abilities managing the G Suite. The class covers basics and intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these subjects:


Domain verification from the G Suite admin console.

Users and OU administration.

Students will learn through classes and practice labs the basic and intermediate concepts to handle Google Mail and Google Calendar, which will help them in their daily tasks within the company.

Skills to teach:

You will be able to do the listed tasks below with the G Suite admin console:

  • Basic domain settings, such as: default language change, domain management, subdomains and domain aliases from the G Suite admin console.

  • Create users and OUs, move users across OUs y apply specific settings to each OU.


The previous requisites for this course include:

  • A G Suite account

Course outline


  • Sign in to the G Suite admin console

  • Set G Suite admin console language

  • Change OU's name

  • Upload a custom logo

  • Set defatul time-zone for users

  • Logo policies and destination page

  • Custom G Suite admin console

  • Domain configuration

    • Change language

    • Domain Alias

    • Subdomains

    • Appearance and Personalization

  • User Management and Organizational Units

    • Users

      • Create users

      • Reset a user's password

      • Suspend a user

      • Restore a suspended account

      • Detele users

      • Recover a recently deleted user

      • Cancel a Gmail suspension

      • User's alias

    • Organizational Units

      • Creating an organizational structure

      • Role of a organizational structure

      • Add an Organizational Unit

      • Modify the organizational structure

      • Move a user to an organizational unit

      • Move a device to an OU


The target audience for this course are new G Suite administratorS or who wish to broaden their knowledge in handling the G Suite Admin Console.

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