G Suite Administrators Training Aeegle

Administering G Suite - Advanced Level

Course Information

Title : G Suite Administration - Advacned level   

Aeegle Capacitación Administrador G Suite

Class Information


This course is designed for G Suite administrators who wish to acquire skills in managing the G Suite Admin Console. The class covers intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these topics:

Managing Users and Organizational Units.
Administration of G Suite Services and Apps
Gmail Security
Google Docs Accesses

The Administrators will learn through classes and hands-on labs, the advanced concepts on the G Suite Admin Console, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company. 

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with the G Suite Admin Console:
  • Security Settings in G Suite

  • Apply the delegation feature, "send email as" and Google Message Security to Gmail

  • Perform migration of users through the G Suite Directory Sync (GADS) tool

  • Configuring and using the tool G Suite Password Sync (GAPS)


The prerequisites for this course include:
  • A G Suite account

  • Intermediate knowledge on using the G Suite Admin Console

  • Basic knowledge of LDAP and Active Directory

Course Outline


  • G Suite security

    • Roles and Privileges

      • Role Management

      • Assigning Roles

    • Security Policies

    • Two step authentication

  • Gmail Security

    • User´s delegation

    • Send mail as...

    • Google Message Security

  • Migration to G Suite

    • Migrating Users

      • Enable API's - G Suite

      • Configuring G Suite Directory Sync (GADS)

        • G Suite Connection Setup

        • Configuring LDAP connection

        • Organizational Units

          • Mapping Organizational Units

          • Search Rules

          • Exclusion Rules

        • User Accounts

          • User Attributes

          • Additional users atributes

          • Search Rules

          • Exclusion Rules

        • Notification Settings

        • Logging Configuration

        • Synchronization

    • Updating passwords.

      • Configuring G Suite Password Sync (GAPS)

        • G Suite Configuration

        • Configuring Active Directory Server


The target audience for this course are G Suite administrators who wish to broaden their BASIC knowledgein handling the G Suite Admin Console.

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