Google Apps Administrators Training Aeegle

Administering Google Apps - Advanced Level

Course Information

Title : Google Apps Administration - Advacned level   

Aeegle Capacitación Administrador Google Apps

Class Information


This course is designed for Google Apps administrators who wish to acquire skills in managing the Google Apps Admin Console. The class covers intermediate concepts and students will practice through exercises with the instructor’s assistance. This course is specially focused on these topics:

Managing Users and Organizational Units.
Administration of Google Apps Services and Apps
Gmail Security
Google Docs Accesses

The Administrators will learn through classes and hands-on labs, the advanced concepts on the Google Apps Admin Console, which will support them in the day to day operations within the company. 

Skills taught

You will be able to do this with the Google Apps Admin Console:
  • Security Settings in Google Apps

  • Apply the delegation feature, "send email as" and Google Message Security to Gmail

  • Perform migration of users through the Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) tool

  • Configuring and using the tool Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS)


The prerequisites for this course include:
  • A Google Apps account

  • Intermediate knowledge on using the Google Apps Admin Console

  • Basic knowledge of LDAP and Active Directory

Course Outline


  • Google Apps security

    • Roles and Privileges

      • Role Management

      • Assigning Roles

    • Security Policies

    • Two step authentication

  • Gmail Security

    • User´s delegation

    • Send mail as...

    • Google Message Security

  • Migration to Google Apps

    • Migrating Users

      • Enable API's - Google Apps

      • Configuring Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS)

        • Google Apps Connection Setup

        • Configuring LDAP connection

        • Organizational Units

          • Mapping Organizational Units

          • Search Rules

          • Exclusion Rules

        • User Accounts

          • User Attributes

          • Additional users atributes

          • Search Rules

          • Exclusion Rules

        • Notification Settings

        • Logging Configuration

        • Synchronization

    • Updating passwords.

      • Configuring Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS)

        • Google Apps Configuration

        • Configuring Active Directory Server


The target audience for this course are Google Apps administrators who wish to broaden their BASIC knowledgein handling the Google Apps Admin Console.