google app engine development training

Google App Engine Development Training

This instructor-led course is designed for developers who want to acquire development skills to develop applications on Google Cloud Platform fully integrated with Google Apps. In the first half of the class the instructor will be teaching basic, intermediate and advanced concepts and presenting examples, second half of the class via hands-on labs, students will be developing practical exercises supported by the instructor. This course will be specifically focused on the following items:

Google Cloud Platform Overview Setup the environment needed to develop for Google Apps Workflow automation with Google Apps Google Apps Development Google App Engine Development

Developers will learn via classes and hands-on labs the basic and advanced concepts to develop applications hosted on Google Cloud which will extend Google Apps functionality, supporting the day-to-day operations within the company.


The prerequisites for this intermediate-level course include:
  • Google Cloud Platform Overview
  • Setup the environment needed to develop for Google Apps
  • Workflow automation with Google Apps
  • Google Apps Development
  • Google App Engine Development

Skills taught

You should be able to do this on Google Cloud Platform to:
  • Create a Google App Engine Project
  • Deploy a project on Google App Engine
  • Set Up the environment needed to start developing on Google App Engine
  • Identify when you should use Google Apps Script or Google App Engine to implement a Business process
  • Identify different ways to extend Google Apps
  • Implement workflows using Google Apps Script
  • Create and publish Google Gadgets
  • Create and publish Google Sites with Custom features on Google Apps Script or GAE
  • Create applications to capture data on Google App Engine
  • Create applications which are integrated to Google Apps Security (SSO)
  • Create applications Integrated with Google Apps APIs(Drive, Calendars, Groups, etc )

Course outline

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
    1. Cloud Computing Introduction
    2. Google’s Cloud Overview
    3. Google Cloud Platform Console
  • Google Apps Development Introduction
    1. Ways to extend Google Apps
    2. Google Apps Scripts
    3. Gadgets, Google Sites
    4. Google Data APIs
  • Google Apps Script Development Overview
  • Google Apps Script Introduction
    1. Type of Google Apps Scripts
    2. Google Apps Script Editor
    3. Your First Script
    4. Development Environment
  • Events & Triggers
  • Extending Google Apps Functions
    1. Google Spreadsheet Service
      1. Read data from spreadsheet
      2. Write data to spreadsheet
  • Storing and Serving Data
    1. Script and User Properties
    2. ScriptDB
    3. External Database via JDBC
    4. Content Service / Serving Data JSON
  • Menus And Users Interface
    1. Customs menus in Google Apps
    2. Dialogs and Sidebars
    3. Html Service
  • Google Apps Services ( Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Mail, Etc)
  • Advanced Google Services
    1. Admin SDK
    2. Youtube
    3. URL Shortener
    4. Task
  • Google Gadgets Development
    1. Getting Started
    2. Writing your own Gadgets
    3. Development Fundamentals
    4. Developer Tools
    5. Creating a User Interface
    6. Working with remote conten
  • Your first Google Gadget
    1. Create contact form in html
    2. Add validation with JQuery Validate
    3. Create Service to save form information into Google Spreadsheet
    4. Embed template into a Google Gadget
    5. Insert Gadget into Google Sites
  • Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming
  • Setup JVM environment (JRE and Java SDK)
  • Installing Eclipse JavaEE IDE
  • Java Classes, Methods, Attributes
  • Java Packages
  • Introduction Google App Engine development
  • Configuring the GAE Development environment
  • Exploring GAE Console
  • Understanding Data Store
  • Deploy the “Hello World” app in Google App Engine
  • GAE Project Structure (appengine-web.xml)
  • Upload the Application
  • GAE Services (MailService, Memcache service, Scheduled tasks, etc)
  • Play Framework Overview
  • Introduction to Play Framework
  • Routes
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Views
  • HTTP Form Data Validation
  • Internationalization
  • Testing the Application
  • Modules
  • Production Deployment
  • Our First Application
  • Starting up the project
  • Google App Engine Configuration
    1. Install GAE Module
    2. Add GAE Module and Libs on the project
    3. Create Google App Engine Application
    4. Deploy application to Google App Engine
  • Introduction to Google Apps APIs
  • Authorization Workflow Google APIs
    1. Client Login
    2. 2-Legged Oauth
    3. 3-Legged Oauth
    4. OpenId
  • Calendar API
  • Drive API
  • Contacts API
  • Admin SDK API
  • Groups Settings API
  • Admin Settings API