Marketing and Control on your G Suite Signatures

Web Application to manage GMail Signatures for Google Apps or G Suite

Zumpul is a Web Application to manage email signatures for the entire G Suite or Google Apps domain.

Take advantage of the marketing potential on your email signatures

Take control of all the signatures in your company

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With Zumpul: signatures for Gmail, the Google Apps / G Suite Administrator or the Marketing team can manage and standardize email signatures in a centralized manner. With complete control of what the staff writes in the signature. 

Professional appearance in your communications


Email is the # 1 communication channel for Business


An app easy to use that improves the image of your company


Unify signatures

It allows to standardize the signatures of all employees in the company.


Centralized management

Centralized management and control of the signatures by the administrator or the marketing area.


Corporate Image

Corporate image in your communications, with a gallery of professional templates ready to use


Marketing in signatures

Add and manage marketing messages in the signature. Generate traffic to your site and events from your emails.


Corporate signatures for Gmail, Google Apps, G Suite

  • Centralized signatures control by admins or marketing

  • Use of signatures to publish company marketing

  • Set signatures by departments, locations, companies, etc

  • Automatic signatures generation based on Employee Directory

  • Multiple templates

  • Pre-set professional templates gallery

  • Visual Designer and HTML for signatures

  • Integrated with Google Apps and cloud-based

Corporate and professional image in your communications

Available in the Google Apps Marketplace and G Suite Marketplace

"Generate sales and traffic to your websites, announcements and events since signing your emails"

How it works

Easy to install and deploy throughout your organization

Steps to have signatures in Gmail with Zumpul.

  1. Install zumpul on your domain from Google Apps Marketplace

  2. Select one the existent templates or create one from scratch using Visual or HTML Editor

  3. Once signature is ready you push it to the entire organization

  4. You can also have multiple signatures to apply them by department, organization unit, group or by company

  5. Since zumpul is integrated with Google Apps any time that there is changes on an employee profile Zumpul will automatically propagate these changes on the signature


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