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Knowledge Base Gadget

Knowledge Base
With powerful Search powered by Google Drive and Google Apps Script

This Google Gadget allows users perform recursive searches in files and folders stored on Google Drive in order to add it on your Google Sites Intranet, portal or microsite.

Provide your users with the easiest way to search on a knowledge base hosted directly on Google Drive. 


  • Option to perform internal searches on document content utilizing Google algorithms to optimize response time and obtain the desired result. 
  • Allows you to perform recursive searches by file name or text content from each file in a collection of Google Docs with unlimited levels of hierarchy, something which is not available on Google Docs. 
  • Users do not have to use other interfaces, which augments productivity and diminishes training time. 

For example you can search all the files that contain “Budget 2015” in the file name, or search for all the files that contain “Budget 2015” in the text. The latter search is a much heavier one.