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Google Gadgets Suite for Intranets


A suite of  gadgets for Google Sites that allows you to expand the functionality of its Portal in Google Sites in a faster more convenient way to meet your needs as well as help the company`s image.

Developed based on over 10 years of experience in the software industry and more than 3 years of intranet creation of a myriad of sizes and hundreds of Portals and microsites based on G Suite and Google Sites.

100% Google Cloud and Saas, fully developed using Google technologies such as:

  • Google Gadgets, Google App Engine, GWT, 
  • Google Cloud Storage, 
  • Google Apps Scripts and
  • Open standards such as: OpenID, OAuth 2.0, Single Seign On.

Current Events

Business needs for portals or corporate intranets developed on Google Sites go beyond what it can currently offer, in spite of it being an excellent platform that is utilized as a foundation for the development of these types of solutions. It lacks specialized features that intranets or corporate portals require, which makes the development of custom Gadgets necessary. Businesses face a shortage of professionals with that type of experience, ability and technological know how on Google.


  • Native integration with G Suite (Single Sign On and Universal )
  • Configurable Gadgets that allow variation of color, content, behavior, and dimensions.
  • Integration with G Suite services such as Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Plus, and Google Groups.
  • Covers gadgets with functions more commonly required by solutions for portals and intranets that Google does not posses.