AeMigrator Data migration to Cloud Platform

Aeegle Migrator helps you to migrate databases and file systems to the cloud, with AeMigrator you can easily migrate any Domino Lotus Notes or SQL Relational DB to Google Cloud Platform


"Aeegle Migrator for Lotus Notes DB is a tool to migrate  
application data to Google Cloud Platform. 

Aeegle Migrator takes any Relational-DB or Lotus notes DB export to move it to Google  (Google Cloud SQL and Google Drive properly).

The records will be stored on the Google Cloud SQL Tables and any attachments in Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage.

AE-Migrator also helps you to migrate file systems to the cloud leveraging  Google Cloud 


Migration Process

  Get the database export.

  AEmigrator reads the export.

  AEmigrator identifies files/folders to            upload.

  Start uploading files/folders to Cloud.

  Create records on Google Cloud SQL          adding the file’s URL on the record.



AeMigrator allows you to migrate file systems and relational databases to Google Cloud Platform,

 Domino Lotus Notes DB  MySQL  Oracle  SQL Server NAS to Cloud  SharePoint

Notes DB to Google Migration Workflow 

 Final Results


The final result is a Notes DB or Relational DB on the Cloud powered by Google Cloud SQL and Google Drive, where Lotus RichText or Attachments stored on Google Drive and linked with the database record.

Then you can use MySQL Workbench or any SQL-Client connect to Google Cloud SQL and verify the migration and also see files on your Google Drive.



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