AeFramework business applications on Google Cloud Platform

Never Starting from Scratch 

AeFramework is a full-stack framework for building business applications on Google Cloud Platform, provides a framework for fast applications development, components, libraries, modules and design patters bring the best of Aeegle to every project we work on.

AeFramework reduces down the development time in a 70% - 80%, development complexity, costs, and provides you with a robust cloud based application to be used as the foundation for any new Google Cloud Platform application

 Benefits on Cloud Development


Cloud Ready and Integrated with G Suite

Easy to create and maintenance Forms
Easy to develop Workflows
Mobile Ready & designed for Large enterprise


  G Suite Integration (SSO, Drive, 
     Groups, Etc)

  Security Management: Menus, Users, 
     Roles, Access

  Mobile Support (Responsive Design)

  Enhanced Grid, Multi-language
  Workflow designer

  Powerful Search Engine: Global and contextual        search, Full Text Search

  Running on top of Google App Engine and                Google Cloud SQL


AeFramework for G Suite to make easy the developer's life by allowing them to Create/Run/Deploy Cloud Enabled applications in a short time.


AEFramework Cloud development platform

Comes out of the box with features that many applications need, including: 

Authentication and authorization, User management, Application inventory, content authors, editor, viewers management.


Search Engine
Global search, contextual search and full-text search over files uploaded with Google technology
CRUD Builder
Generic CRUD back-end, generate Forms and list view, enhanced grid, upload files, Rich Text Editor and searches

G Suite Integration
SSO, Google Groups, Google Drive integration
Workflow Designer
Add complex or simple workflows to your apps without coding
Google Cloud Platform Integration
Built on top of Google App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Data Storage

Mobile Support
Mobile interfaces for smartphones and tablets using responsive design
    Audit Trails
Track changes over records: create, edit, delete, etc

Workflow designer for G Suite Applications



This are some of the Workflow designer features.

  Approval workflow designer.

  Parallel or alternate workflows.

  Status and steps configuration.

  Transitions and notifications management.

  Upload and attach files.

  Assign and re-assign tasks.

The MVC and foundational development framework includes the following:

  Bootstrap 3.0 and JQuery

  Java 7 and MVC Playframework

  Maven, Siena ORM, Eclipse

  Google Data API

  Google App Engine and Cloud SQL

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